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Getting quality plumbing service takes more than just picking up a phone and calling any plumber in Flagstaff, AZ, to take care of your problem. You need to get the best value for your money by doing your due diligence to only work with the best fit for the job.

Here are some essential questions you need to ask your plumber before you decide to work with them.

Do You Offer a Guarantee or Warranty?

As a client, you need some assurance that the plumber you hire is committed to offering lasting solutions to your requirements. A plumber that offers a warranty for their services is confident in their services’ quality and is ready to correct any mistake that may occur. You should ask them upfront for a formal guarantee or warranty, what the warranty covers, and how you can redeem it if required. If the plumber has multiple exemptions in their guarantee terms or is unwilling to give you a formal warranty, it might indicate unreliability. Some plumbing repairs require the plumber to check back for rectification or improvement after some time. If there is no guarantee, you may end up paying again, in case the problem needs a revisit.

How Much Do You Typically Charge and Do You Stick to Your Original Estimate?

Before hiring a company to do plumbing work, ask them about their estimated fees after they have inspected the project to see the budget you should set aside clearly. Though challenging at times, an experienced plumber will give you an accurate estimate with less deviation from the final fee. Moreover, a plumber with the right resources for work, such as video inspection, can adequately assess the problem and know the amount of work required.

Are You Bonded and Insured?

You should always work with an insured plumber to ensure that any damage that may arise from their services is covered. Besides the regular insurance cover, you should ask about their bond. A surety bond covers cases that may arise if the plumber breaks the law or breaches the contract. It also provides a basis for your compensation if the plumber steals goods not under liability insurance. Ensure you verify the type of insurance they have before hiring them.

The plumbing company you choose to work with should respond satisfactorily to these questions and any others you may have. Don’t be afraid to raise any queries regarding their service, as you deserve peace of mind even when working with them.

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