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Plumbing issues can be quite a predicament for property owners. Some of the common problems you may face include clogs, leaks, and septic or sewer issues. These issues can cause significant damage to your fixtures and possibly burn a hole in your pocket.

To save you from costly repairs, keep these essential tips from Mammoth Plumbing in mind. They can save you from troublesome and costly plumbing repairs down the line.

Repair Leaks Promptly

A leaky pipe can cause damage and result in huge water bills. The worst part is that you may not even know they’re there until you see a spike in your bills. It’s better to have quick fixes than to address complex issues. A urinal that continually refills or drips, for instance, can waste thousands of gallons. Yet it only costs you a few dollars to have your bad flapper fixed.

Clean Your Drains Regularly

You shouldn’t allow grease, hair, or food debris to go down your drains. Over time, they can settle in your pipes and start building up a clog. This may result in backups, causing flooding or even pipe breakage. Check your drains regularly to uncover any issues. Scheduling regular drain cleaning procedures with a reputable plumbing company can effectively keep drain clogs at bay.

Insulate Your Pipes

Frozen pipes can burst and crack, which are sure to require costly plumbing repairs. Don’t leave your pipes exposed to the elements. By insulating your pipes, you can save them from the ill effects of extreme weather and effectively boost their longevity.

With a little effort, you can keep your plumbing system in tip-top shape and avoid costly repairs. These tips will help you save money on your water and repair bills. If you are looking for a dependable plumber in Flagstaff, AZ, turn to Mammoth Plumbing. We offer accurate and timely services for our clients.

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